What led to coaching?

Sparking light in another person touches my soul. This led me to the world of social services, where I have spent most of my professional career.

My work began at a local domestic violence shelter, working with victims of different forms of trauma. I made a quick shift to educating perpetrators, teaching different ways to identify, process, and express emotions. My desire to create positive change had led me to the source of the problem, and I spent years educating men and women about how to improve their relationships.

This work, as rewarding as it could be, often left me feeling emotionally and physically drained. So began my relationship with yoga, meditation, and other spiritual practices. Understanding the importance of caring for myself allowed me to better care for the people around me. I began teaching yoga to clients in the shelter, and fell in love with the effect that these practices had on others.

I took this feeling and ran with it, winding up at a local gym as a personal trainer. I incorporated my passion for nutrition, physical movement, and overall health into my programs with my clients. I earned certification as a health coach, continued to teach yoga, and spent any extra moment searching for more information to share with others.

Adopting a healthier lifestyle through my work spilled over into my home. I was doing emotional, spiritual, and physical work on myself, and just needed a space to match what I was feeling. My interest in the tiny house movement was ignited. Minimizing, organizing, and truly enjoying my space became my new goal. 

All of these changes allowed me to walk through the world with a lighter spirit. Let me help you experience this bliss.